As a Director of Photography myself, and having worked in the industry for 15+ years now, I've curated this loft with my partner to be a warm, welcoming space for commercial film production. I've filmed hundreds of interviews myself, and I know how hard it is to find the right space for this kind of shoot.We've designed our space specifically for this niche.


• An Open Floor Plan 👐
• Airy 2,500 Sqft of Space 🙌
• Abundant Natural Light ☀️
• Dozens of Healthy Plants 🪴
• Bold Background Colors 🌈
• Organic Soft Textures 🪵
• Hair & Make-Up Vanity, Wardrobe Rack 💅
• Cameras, Audio, Lighting — on-site! 💡

WiFi on a 10G fiber network and an optional ethernet tie-in connection with an average of ~7500Mbps upload speeds (great for using Masv) is included! 📡

For folks who are scent-sensitive, we're happy to report our space is cleaned and kept scent-free. 👃


Save Time — Book a Pre-Light
Any of the 8 “off-camera” or 5 “to-camera” setups can be selected to have pre-lit for you when you arrive. Arrive to set with everything prepared and start shooting much faster! Only our equipment was used for all of the sample images, so rest assured the same “look” will be achieved with your pre-light! ✅

Save Time & Money — Book me to D.P.
If you're looking to minimize your crew down to the bare essentials, this is a great option. I specialize in small-crew / large-impact productions. I'll pre-light, shoot, and run audio for your interview, plus have coffee ready when you arrive! ☕

Studio rentals discounted 50%+ when I'm your D.P.! ⭐

“Amazing space. Ready was wonderful. Was super flexible, accommodating us last minute, even allowing us to use the space on a date originally marked unavailable. We'll definitely be back.” — Richard R.

“We rented Ready's space to film a series of short videos for our YouTube channel. The space was beautiful with lots of different options to setup shots, which was great to add variety to our series. Ready was super helpful and available if we had questions or needed to move something, which made the shoot easy to facilitate. We would definitely rent again!” — Andi S.

“I highly recommend Magnolia Studios! Ready was so thoughtful during the entire process. He first sent over a Studio Manual with instructions on how to use the space, recommendations for local eateries, etc. The location is massive - it has a lot of optionality in terms of interview setups. Magnolia Studios is not just a location, but a relationship that you should build if you're an avid filmmaker. I seriously urge folks to use his space, and lean into his expertise as a gaffer.” — KimberLee W.

“Not only is the space expertly staged, but Adam was so warm and inviting. He really made us feel welcomed and provided so much practical guidance. Our shoot was a huge success thanks to him. Magnolia is our new secret weapon!” — Cedric N.


When you want the interview subject looking off-screen, usually to an interviewer asking questions.


These photos help provide a spatial reference for our studio, and give you a sense of the broader environment.